My vision is to

“Strengthen the Heart of Temecula”

by protecting its values and traditions.

I will be an example to my community as I

Unify, Strengthen, and Serve the people of Temecula.




 I will deepen the relationships between First Responders and the residents of

Temecula, particularly our youth.

I will create opportunities for future generations, highlighting the relationships

between our past, present, and future.

 I will advocate for small businesses, building them up by creating opportunities for

growth and promotion within the community and beyond.





Education is empowerment. We need to educate our community on the challenges

that we all face and begin to create a dialogue between the City Council and

Temecula's residents.

Let's leave a legacy for our children's children, teaching them truth and empowering

them for a lifetime. By educating and strengthening them, we will ensure that our city

motto of ”Old Traditions, New Opportunities” continues to inspire with future





I will work to create opportunities for all to serve our community. We will be stronger

as a community when we all work hand in hand.

 Serving means sacrifice. Every member of our community has the ability to

contribute in some way, big or small.

By serving one another, working as one body, standing together, we can all benefit.

By using our gifts and abilities to serve one another we can strengthen our people

and our city.

“Let each of you look not only in his own interests, but also to the interests of others.”




Maintaining Traditions

Public safety is a priority, as I maintain and increase the safety of our city by

supporting our First Responders.

Ensuring that social services are available to all of our community members.

Being fiscally responsible while planning the growth for the future of our wonderful


I will be a stabilizing force during these unpredictable times for Temecula and would be

honored to represent you as District 2 City Councilwoman of Temecula.

Vote for me Jessica A. Alexander, I am here to listen to you and your concerns!