District 2 Council member candidate for Temecula Valley

Jessica’s plans to serve you and the community


In order to Strengthen the Heart of Temecula and Protect it’s Values and Traditions she will focus on these 3 areas: 


Unify the Community

Unifying the Community Jessica plans to build relationships with the community and it’s First Responders by organizing events that will bring families and residents together in a positive, educational and fun way. Being a small business owner herself, she understands what these businesses mean to the owner as well as the community and further understands the need to protect their livelihood. She plans to stand by and stand up for the small business owners who play such an important role in strengthening our community.


Educate the Upcoming Generations

Educating the upcoming generations Jessica would like to see more hands on relationships between the youth of our community and the sheriff’s department. Organizing more interactive visits on campuses to bring them together in a positive way and shining a light on the drug issues that plague our schools today. Due to our advanced technology and hands-free lifestyle, our youth are lacking in hands-on experiences that prepare them for life. Jessica envisions providing hands on learning experiences for our youth by bringing in small businesses from a variety of industries to demonstrate, educate and provide apprenticeship type training and volunteer opportunities for them to build life skills for their future.


Serve Together

Serving Together Jessica see’s the importance of involving all generations of the community, from the youth to our seniors in serving Temecula, as she strongly believes, every resident has something to contribute. She hopes to inspire and encourage others to follow her lead and passion for volunteering, by organizing more service opportunities in our community. One idea she plans to implement is bringing our seniors and children together by hosting events where they can share time, wisdom and knowledge and enjoy the gifts that each generation has to offer. Jessica wants us all to reach out and help others in need and bring the community together in a positive way. She wants to help Preserve the places, opportunities and activities we all love about our community while addressing the concerns of residents and helping our city grow in an all inclusive, sensible, manageable way. Inspired by Councilman Naggar’s quote, Jessica hopes to continue and grow on his vision that “Temecula was never an accident” Near to Jessica’s heart is her desire for our community to leave a legacy to our children’s children. Her hope is to strengthen Temecula from the center of its heart to the corners of its city.