Pastor Tim Thompson:

"Of all the questions I ask political candidates, one stands out above the rest, and that is the issue of life.  As a staff member of Birth Choice, Jessica Alexander stands out above her opponents.  As a former U.S. Marine, and law enforcement officer, her commitment to securing our right to life, liberty, and our pursuit of happiness in clearly a life long ambition!"

Mike Naggar

21 year Temecula Council Member and 5 time Mayor:

"Jessica, a former Marine Staff Sergeant, NYPD Officer and mother of five is a true reflection of our community and Temecula’s “Family First” Tradition! I wholeheartedly support her election to Temecula City Council."

Murrieta Temecula Republican Assembly:

"Jessica Alexander has been endorsed by the California Republican Assembly for Temecula City Council, Seat #2 in the November 2020 election. She was endorsed because of her passion for life and justice. As a councilwoman, we feel that she will stand for justice, life, compassion, safety, and all things Americans hold dear."

Endorsement by:
Senator Melissa Melendez

Jessica Alexander is a lifetime public servant, whose integrity and strong work ethic have exposed her to a broad spectrum of social and business environments. She has demonstrated the critical leadership and problem solving skills to adapt and respond to the needs of our community. Her desire to represent the best interests and concerns of Temecula will make her a powerful voice for the people.